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What is Remedial massage?

It is a therapeutic treatment designed to address and alleviate chronic pain, muscle tension, and injuries by targeting the underlying causes of discomfort. This type of massage involves the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues of the body.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Our Approach

At Activ8 Myotherapy, our approach to remedial massage is thorough and personalised. We begin with a detailed assessment to understand your specific issues and health goals. Our skilled therapists then design a customised treatment plan that may include techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and stretching.

How Remedial Therapy Works

Remedial massage involves applying targeted pressure to specific areas of muscle tension and pain. The therapist uses various techniques to manipulate the soft tissues, breaking down adhesions, releasing tight muscles, and improving circulation. This process not only alleviates pain but also promotes overall muscle health and function.

When Do You Need Remedial Massage? 

Remedial massage is beneficial if you are:

In Chronic Pain

  • If you suffer from ongoing pain in areas such as the back, neck, shoulders, or legs.

Postural Issues

  • Experiencing discomfort due to poor posture or repetitive strain injuries from activities like desk work or manual labour.

Injury Recovery

  • Recovering from acute injuries like sprains, strains, or muscle tears.

Enhanced Mobility

  • Seeking to improve your flexibility, range of motion, and overall muscle function.

Stress Relief

  • Looking to reduce stress and anxiety through therapeutic touch and relaxation techniques.

Why Choose Activ8 for Remedial Massage?

Choosing Activ8 Myotherapy for remedial massage ensures you receive care from highly experienced therapists dedicated to your health and recovery. Our personalised approach ensures that each session is tailored to address your specific needs, providing effective relief and promoting long-term well-being. We use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the highest standard of care, making Activ8 Myotherapy the premier choice for remedial massage.

By understanding what to expect during a remedial massage session at Activ8 Myotherapy, you can feel more confident and prepared, ensuring a beneficial and effective treatment experience.

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In need of Remedial Massage?

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